Cement Treated Soil

What is CTS?

Cement-treated soil (CTS) is a subbase solution that blends cement and water with native soils to create a hard surface solution for heavy use.

This engineered mixture forms a weather-resistant layer for construction operations and a stronger, permanent subgrade for enhanced pavement support and capacity.

Water combined with silt and clay soils can cause construction problems, since these soils can be difficult to compact.

CTS can be used for many pavement systems

The most common areas are:

• Mainline highways and embankments
• High-volume streets and local roads
• Parking lots
• Commercial & residential streets
• Construction sites and roads
• Heavy industrial/military facilities


• Reduces costs – No replacement of soil
• Eliminates waste – No removal of soil
• Reduces plasticity – Improved on-site soil
• Improves strength – Treated soil is stronger
• Improves performance – Better support capacity
• Resists leaching – Improvement is permanent
• Adaptable to most types of soil


• Economical, long-lasting subgrade
• Strong and durable
• Value-engineered: Lower cost
• Modifications are permanent
• Stands up to many years of weathering

• Less susceptible to damaging effect of water
• An all-weather work platform
• Ready immediately after treatment is completed