Precision Grading has the earthmoving equipment to meet the demands of most any construction project. From deep ripping projects to site development, and from excavation to building pad compaction, no job is too big or too small for Precision Grading.

List of current equipment:

Cat 305e2 CR
Cat 311 FLRR

Cat D5K2 LGP w/GPS
Cat D7e LGP w/GPS

Cat 259 w/Laser Guided Dual Dozer
Cat 299
John Deere 5090 w/Loader & Grass Seeder

Cat CP56 Padfoot Dynamic Packer
Case SV208 Smooth Roll Dynamic Packer
Seiki Static Wheel Packer

Dump Trucks
Morooka 1500
Morooka MST2000VD

Other Equipment
Challenger MT655D Tractor w/ Seppi Starsoil 250 Reclaimer/Mulcher Challenger MT655B Tractor w/ Stoltz Site Spreader
Water Truck – 4,000 Gallon

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